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How to Choose the Right Car Financing

Are you looking for a way to save money when you buy your used car ? If so, then getting car financing for your car may be one reliable way to save a significant amount of money. There are several different car financing programs that may be right for your needs. However, specific car financing program opportunities may vary, based on your needs and buying situation.

Here’s more information about the car financing opportunities that we offer and that we invite you to take advantage of. Of course, contact us today to learn more about these opportunities or to get started with your car financing!

Loan program

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of our car loan program. When customers wish to buy a car that they cannot afford to pay for with cash (which includes many of our customers) our customers can take advantage of our loan program. Our car loans in Mississauga are available for all customers – including those customers with no credit or with bad credit.

The loan program helps customers to get the best possible interest rate for their loans – and to get the highest possible loan amount for their financial situations. Get started applying for this loan program today by completing a credit application online or stopping by our dealership to complete the credit application in person.


Most of our customers take advantage of the Specials program when they can. Our Specials program provides us with a forum to give our customers special rates and deals when they buy used cars from us. Some customers are able to get cash back. Other customers may be able to get low interest rates when they take out a loan. These Specials vary based on a variety of factors. Contact us today to learn more about the Specials that are going on now or that are coming up soon.


When customers have cars that they no longer plan to own after they buy their new or used cars from us, they may wish to trade these cars in for a price off of the cost of the car that they buy from us. Trade-ins are based on the value of the car, which is determined by the Canadian Black Book value for a car and on the condition of the car.

Important Steps to Take When You Need a New Car

You need a new car, but you have bad credit. You may be stressing out while trying to figure out how you are going to get a new vehicle to use. You probably think you are automatically going to get denied for any type of loan simply because your credit score is considered poor. While it is often harder for those with poor credit scores to get the help they need, our finance company provides bad credit car loans to individuals who can really use them. We understand the struggle and we want to make things right for you.

It all starts with completing an application. You can simply fill out our secure online credit application prior to getting approved. Upon receiving an approval, we can show you around, giving you an opportunity to check out all of the different cars we have available. While you are at our dealership, you will see all different kinds of makes and models available, so there should easily be something of interest there for you, too. You may want to compare the cost and determine how much you would be expected to pay on a monthly basis before selecting the specific vehicle you would like to get from our dealership.

Once you have selected the car you would like to get, you can complete the paperwork and drive right out of the dealership. We know you do not have time for stress and headaches, so we are here to help you with the entire process from start to finish. Our primary goal is to make sure you are satisfied and can leave our dealership with a smile on your face while riding away in something you absolutely love. Do not let your bad credit deter you from completing an application for a loan. You could receive an instant approval and have a vehicle you love shortly thereafter.

Tips for Buying Your Teenager a Used Car

When your teenager reaches driving age and wants a car, you will probably have many decisions to make. Not only will you have to compromise with your teen when it comes to what you will pay for and what make and model is acceptable, you will also have to consider which used cars are the safest for him or her to drive. If you’re ready to buy your teen a car, we’re here to help with a few tips that might make the processes easier.

Think Simplicity

While your teenager probably has a make and model already in mind, you may want to make some boundaries clear before you start browsing used cars together. Not only will price be a factor, but it can be expensive to insure teen drivers as well. Their age and inexperience make them a considerable liability to many insurance companies, so choosing a no-frills vehicle may help you save money.

Do Your Homework

While we can help you choose a safe used car for your teen, it might also help if you perform some research on your own before you visit our lot. Take the time to discover which used cars have the best safety ratings, which ones have additional safety equipment that might keep your child safer and which are the least expensive to operate. The more you know before you begin to look at individual cars, the easier it might be to arrive at a decision.

Prepare Your Teen for Test Drives

Even if you will be doing much of the legwork and putting up the cash for your teen’s car, you may still want to prepare him or her for what will be involved with test driving vehicles. Teach them what to look and listen for and help them prepare a list of questions to ask our sales associate for during and after a test drive.

Buying your teenager his or her first used car doesn’t have to be a headache. Compromise, research and careful planning can all ensure a more enjoyable buying experience for you both.

Bad Credit Car Loans Can Make Ownership a Reality

Even though you have bad credit, a car loan can be within your reach. Bring all the necessary paperwork with you when you come to visit us. That way, you will be prepared to expedite your loan and car purchase process. When you come to see us, bring your driver’s license, the most recent pay stub from your job, a utility bill with your current address, and three personal references. We are happy to inform you about all of your loan options.

Money Saving Tips

While buying a used vehicle will get all your transportation needs met at a lower price, looking beyond the commonly well-known used car choices can pay additional dividends. You can get a great dependable used car and save money at the same time by considering cars that are less popular but equally reliable to their more famous counterparts. With plenty of quality used cars available to choose from on our lot, we can fully explore your options.

Get Ready to Go Places

At our dealership, drive time is any time. We are open all week long, and think that anytime is a great time to go you on a test drive, day or night, sun rain, or snow. When you get into the car, how does the driver’s seat support your back? Is there enough head and leg room and are the storage compartments and cup holders convenient and useful for you? Some of our newer used cars are even equipped with Bluetooth. Our used cars have also been detailed and maintained by our service department.

Applying for bad credit car loans does not have to be tough, especially when you can talk with our financing experts about your situation. Make an appointment with us today so we can find out your needs and walk you through the steps to obtain financing.

Benefits of Putting Down a Higher Down Payment

When it comes to car loans, there are many elements you have to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Your down payment has one of the biggest impacts on your total responsibility to the dealership, so learning more about how a larger down payment can benefit you is important.

Better Financing Terms

The more money you walk into the dealership with, the more negotiating room you are going to have. This means that you might get better numbers or you may improve your chances of getting a loan if your credit is subpar. In fact, if your credit is poor, a higher down payment can make all the difference in you being able to secure financing and having more say in what you could qualify for.

Lower Total Interest Rate

The less interest you pay, the less you are paying overall and it also impacts your monthly payment amount. You have more leverage over your interest rate when you come into the dealership with more money down. Lower Monthly Payment The less you have to pay monthly, the better for your budget. It also reduces the risk of you falling behind on your payments. Your monthly payment depends a lot on the total loan cost, so anything that you can do to lower this will make your monthly obligation more manageable.

Lower Total Loan Amount

The more you put down on your loan, the less you have to pay back. This means that you might get a vehicle for less money which is ideal for those with limited budgets. You might also be able to pay your vehicle off faster.

You can see that saving up for a bit longer before buying a new car comes with benefits. Your salesperson can discuss your down payment with you and help you to choose an amount that best provides what you need.

Car Loans: 8 Things You Need To Know

If you are looking to get a car loan in Atlantic Canada, but have bad credit, we’ve got some news for you: you still qualify for a bad credit car loan. It’s important that you get as much information as possible about car loans before taking out a bad credit car loan, so we’ve assembled 8 facts about bad credit car loans that can provide you with a general overview. Contact for details about bad credit car loans or for more information:

1. Everyone qualifies for a bad credit car loan with us – even if you have had a bankruptcy or have no credit at all. All of our customers should have equal opportunities to finance their car purchases, so we won’t turn anyone down from a bad credit car loan.

2. You have options. We will offer several options to each customer so that the customer can select the right bad credit car loan package that’s right for their unique needs.

3. You can get a bad credit car loan for a used car, or a used truck or minivan. Our car loan program is designed to help you by any used car you’d like.

4. It often takes people several years to repay their bad credit car loans. Speak with our lenders to determine exactly what type of loan program you will use. Your choice of loan program will determine the duration of the program.

5. You may pay a higher interest rate for a bad credit car loan than someone with good credit. However, because of the options that we provide, you should be able to find a bad credit program that suits your particular budget.

6. You can always refinance your bad credit car loan. As long as your repay your car loan and rebuild your credit, you will have the option of refinancing your bad credit car loan down the road. Contact us for details.

7. You can apply for a bad credit car loan online using our secure credit application.

8. It’s recommended that you complete a credit application for a bad credit car loan prior to looking for a car. By completing the credit application, you’ll know more about how much money you’ll be able to spend on the car. Therefore, completing the car loan application is the first step for many customers.

Contact us today to learn more about bad credit car loans and car financing in general. We’re always happy to help you get the right car at the right price!

Types of Car Loans for People with Bad Credit

Sometimes in life, unfortunate things can happen that keep you from having stellar credit. You may rely on credit cards for a few months to get you through a difficult situation, for example. While a not-so-great credit score may keep you from securing certain types of loans, you have options when it’s time to purchase a car.

There are two main types of bad credit car loans: secured and unsecured. We can accept either to help you buy the vehicle of your dreams. However, it’s crucial for you to understand the difference before you make your decision.

Secured Car Loans

This type of loan can be beneficial for people with bad credit who have collateral to offer. You put up some insurance that guarantees payment to the bank, and in return, the bank can offer lower interest rates. This type of bad credit car loan has about a 95 percent approval rating.

Furthermore, there is often little or no down payment required to get a secured auto loan. Typically, the interest rate is fixed and can be as low as four percent. Be sure to speak to our financial team about this option.

Unsecured Car Loans

This type of loan requires no collateral, which can mean less risk for you. However, the less risk you take, the more the bank makes. As a result, unsecured car loans can be more expensive.

To get an unsecured car loan with bad credit, you may need a large down payment or trade-in value. Furthermore, these loans usually have an interest rate of seven to 10 percent, sometimes even higher. These interest rates can be fixed or flexible, depending on the bank.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you feel comfortable putting up collateral for your car loan. Talk to our lending team to set up your investment and get in a great car. We can help you no matter your credit score.

Car Loans: 3 Easy Steps

If you are looking for a car loan in Atlantic Canada, then it’s important that you are aware that the process of getting a car loan can be simple, but it’s not as simple as walking into a dealership, asking for a loan, and walking out with exactly the loan you want and exactly the car you’d been dreaming of. While it would be great it getting a car loan were that hands-free and easy, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to get the right car loan at the right time.

First, you’ll need to complete a credit application. In order to complete this application, you’ll need to have some basic personal information on hand, including your current address, employer information (if applicable). You’ll need to complete the credit application as completely as possible.

Once you complete this credit application, our credit specialists at We Approve You will review the application in order to determine what kind of loan you may qualify for. Therefore, the information that you include on the application is important – especially your identification information, such as your income.

We will also run a credit check using you contact information. This credit check will give us more information about your credit history and your credit score. Using this credit history and credit score, we will be able to determine your loan rate with better accuracy. For example, if you have a good credit score, you might get a lower loan interest rate than someone with a low credit score.

After we review your paperwork and draw up some initial loan estimates, we’ll meet with you to discuss your options and needs. We might ask about your current work or plans for the future. Using this information, we’ll be able to customize a loan program that will specifically suit your needs and make it even more possible for you to afford the right kind of loan for the car you love.

We will then show you the cars on our lot that match the price that you will be able to easily afford with the loan program we develop for you. Our goal is to give you as many options as possible so that you can get the best possible loan and arrangement for your overall needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our car loans or to apply for your car financing today.

You Can Get A Car Loan

At We Approve You, we are proud to be able to offer car loans in Atlantic Canada to all of our customers. Some of our customers come to us with excellent credit and qualify for very low interest rate loans. Other customers come to use with bad credit and qualify for competitive car loans that suit their overall financial needs. However, we are proud of the fact that we do not turn down any of our customers that come to us looking for car loans.

The question that we sometimes get from our customers is “how can you afford to give car loans to all of your customers.”

Here’s our answer: We believe that all of our customers should be able to receive a car loan if they need it. After all, not everyone has loads of money that they can spend to buy a car with cash. Therefore, we have a philosophy that we will partner with our customers in order to ensure that they are able to get a car loan that makes it possible for them to afford to buy a car.

Car loans are possible for everyone. However, the type of car loan that our customers qualify for may vary based on the credit history and their needs. Therefore, the first step that our customers need to take in order to get a car loan in Atlantic Canada is to complete a credit application. From the credit application, we will learn more about their current financial situation and about their credit history.

We use a series of equations and formulas to determine what interest rate and loan amount our customers qualify for based on the information that they provide to us on their credit application. With this information in mind, we will meet with each customer to discuss their practical needs, which may include a real-life budget or other concerns that our customers have about their ability to afford to repay a loan. By speaking with us candidly about their financial situation and concerns, we are able to tailor a loan program that our customers are truly able to afford.

The best part about getting a car loan through us is that we can work with your budget as we determine which cars might be best for you. We not only understand your lifestyle needs, but also your financial needs and will make sure that they are both addressed adequately.

Contact us today to get started getting the best car loan for your needs and lifestyle.

3 Car Loan Myths

If you have your eye on a new or used car, you may have to consider financing options. The problem that a lot of people face is that they don’t have optimal credit and may not think that they qualify. While many lenders offer bad credit car loans, there are still a lot of myths that circle the choice. You shouldn’t let these turn you away from the financing that could get you your dream car. Here are the three top myths when it comes to car loans.

A Low Credit Score Guarantees Rejection

This isn’t true at all. In fact, there are dealers and lenders that specialize in car loans for people with bad credit. Poor credit will not stop you from financing a car.

You Can’t Refinance if You Had a Poor Credit Score

When you’re approved of a car loan with a low credit score, you are given the opportunity to build your credit over again. After a while, as your score builds you will be given more options. It’s common for people to refinance their loan and come up with a cheaper rate after they have built up their credit score.

Income Doesn’t Matter if You Have Bad Credit

Income absolutely matters! Income and the other debts that you owe play a big role in the size of the loan you can be awarded. While lenders do pay attention to your credit, your income also plays a large role in whether or not you’re approved. This can also affect the rates that you’re given.

Don’t allow myths to turn you away from car loans. Even with bad credit there are many options out there. While it can be a difficult choice for many people to decide whether or not they want to look into financing for a vehicle, it’s important not to be deterred by myths. Only the facts should be an influencing factor on your decision.