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Can You Still Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy?

Written by Jordann Brown

In the age of super high debt loads, with the average Canadian carrying over $22,000 in debt, bankruptcy remains one of the more misunderstood topics in Canadian personal finance. The confusion and myths surrounding bankruptcy in Canada remain in part because bankruptcy is still relatively rare. But that may be changing, as over 70% of members of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals expect bankruptcy filings to rise over the next five years.

Whether you are going through bankruptcy now or considering it as a future course of action, it’s important to remember that people who experience bankruptcy aren’t consigned to financial ruin for life. Instead, bankruptcy is designed to help someone in financial trouble start fresh. Starting fresh means starting your life over, and for many Canadians, that could involve a post-bankruptcy car loan.

How Long to Wait Before Applying for a Post-Bankruptcy Car Loan

While bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for six years, you don’t have to wait that long before applying for new credit. In fact, during those six years, it’s important that you rebuild your credit by applying for and faithfully paying back credit of some kind (including loans). It’s unlikely that you’ll be approved for a car loan during bankruptcy without a significant asset to secure your loan, but after bankruptcy proceedings conclude, getting approved for a car loan is possible.

Finding Potential Lenders for a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Finding the best car loan rates after bankruptcy is a little complicated. First, traditional lenders like banks may not be interested in lending you money for a car loan, or they may only do so at exorbitant interest rates. You can apply for a car loan through in-house financing from a dealership, but again, be prepared for higher interest rates.

While many dealerships will work with you to secure financing, especially if you can demonstrate that your income will support the payments, the amount they are willing to lend you may be less. For this reason, you should expect to finance a car valued at closer to $10,000 than, say, $50,000.

An alternative to in-house financing from a car dealership is working with a lending company that specializes in customers who are recovering from bankruptcy. These companies look beyond your credit score and do a deep dive into your financial situation. They weigh your income, recent payment history, credit score, down payment, and reasons for bankruptcy, and then offer you financing based on that information.

How to Increase Your Chances of Car Loan Approval after Bankruptcy

The first step to increase your chances of getting approved for a car loan is to increase your credit score. While your bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for six years, taking steps to build your credit score after bankruptcy does not go unnoticed. Here are some concrete steps you can take:

  • Apply for a secured credit card, use it regularly, and diligently pay off the balance every month
  • Never miss a payment on your utility bills
  • Keep your credit utilization rate to less than 35% of your overall credit limit
  • Avoid applying for several new sources of credit at once, which can temporarily decrease your credit score

On top of that, you should work to save up a decent down payment for your car loan. A large down payment demonstrates to your potential lenders that you have extra space in your budget for savings and car payments.

Finally, work to increase your income as much as possible. A good income will demonstrate to lenders that you can afford your monthly payments.

Be Wary of Predatory Loan Terms

Unfortunately, applying for any type of credit after bankruptcy is more complicated, and you may be turned down by several lenders. Due to the difficulty in obtaining credit, Canadians who have been through bankruptcy are a target for predatory lenders, and you need to be on the lookout for these companies that claim to offer good interest rates to those with bad credit, but don’t follow through. When evaluating a company as a potential lender, make sure to do your research and read online reviews and complaints carefully.

If you are offered car loan financing from a company that specializes in lending to Canadians who have been through bankruptcy, make sure to read through the fine print, every last bit of it. In particular, be on the lookout for high interest rates. While someone with stellar credit may qualify for a car loan rate from 0.00% to 6.00%, reports that anyone with bad credit should expect to pay a rate as high as 30% to 60%. That may seem high, but payday lenders routinely lend money to customers with interest rates in the triple digits. Stay far away from loans with rates like these.

Other Factors to Consider When Applying for a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Reading the Fine Print

Once you know the interest rate you may qualify for, pay special attention to the loan terms, especially payment frequency and whether you can refinance or pay off your loan early. It’s important to evaluate whether you can afford this loan, and the payment frequency will play a big role in determining this. Double check whether the payment for this loan is monthly, not biweekly or weekly, and that you can afford it at that frequency.

Refinancing and Early Payoff

On the same note, make sure that you can refinance this loan or pay it down ahead of schedule, because in a year or two, your credit rating may have improved enough that you can qualify for a much more competitive interest rate.

Credit Reporting

Finally, make sure that the car loan is reported to at least one of Canada’s credit reporting agencies, Equifax and Transunion. Not all dealerships report their financed loans to these credit agencies, but if you are making faithful payments on your car loan every month, you absolutely want that reported to the agencies so that you can improve your credit score as much as possible.

Finally, keep in mind that applying for a car loan after bankruptcy is difficult, but that difficulty is temporary. While you may have to downgrade your expectations now to afford your monthly payments with their hefty interest charges, if you continue to make your monthly payments faithfully, eventually your credit score will improve, and you’ll be on your way to a better financial situation.

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You may have studied hard and practiced for weeks before taking the test to get your driver’s license. Now that you have a license and can drive around to different places, such as work, school and even the grocery store, you may want to make sure you have your own vehicle to get around. It is certainly not fun relying on other people and waiting around for them to drive you to the different places you would like to visit. However, you may think it is impossible to get a car at this moment.

Is your credit score low? When reviewing your credit report, you may have noticed that your score is not so good for a number of different reasons. For example, you may have a lot of debt and inquiries. Even if you are making payments on your credit cards in a timely manner, your score could still be low if you have too many inquiries and way too much debt compared to available credit. Even so, that does not mean you should be denied the opportunity to get a car that you want and need for different reasons.

If you are worried about getting denied, you can visit our car dealership. We offer bad credit car loans for those with less than perfect credit scores. We realize that things happen and not everyone will have the perfect score, but we believe in offering an opportunity to those who are in need of a vehicle. Our dealership offers a large selection of different cars to choose from, too. If you want to stop depending on others for a ride and be able to drive around on your own as often as you would like, consider coming down to our dealership to complete the application process for a loan. The process is simple and fair. Before you know it, you could be driving away in your first car.

Myths About Car Loans

Car loans are a great way of establishing a good credit history. But many people are intimidated because they hear false information about car loans. There are many misconceptions about getting a car loan that people need to be aware of.

Myth #1: You need credit before you can get a car loan. This is the biggest myth that often intimates people from trying to purchase a car. The truth is that almost anyone of legal age can get a car loan with a valid driver’s license and proof of income. Each of these is essential in making sure that you are a good credit risk. We work with quality lenders to make sure you get a rate that you can afford, which will in turn help you to establish credit.

Myth #2: You can’t get a car with bad credit. This is absolutely not true. In fact, many people use car loans as a way to re-establish credit. The lenders we work with assess credit risk and worthiness based on income. Making regular on-time payments on your car loan can help to rebuild faulty credit.

Myth #3: You need to have a down payment to get a loan. The third of the myths is also not true. Most people can walk into a dealership with nothing but their driver’s license and pay stubs to prove that they can pay an installment loan and can ride out of the dealership in a car. We work with a variety of lenders who will finance your car with no money down.

Now that you know that many myths you believed about getting a car loan are false, why not venture out and get one for yourself? A car is not only means of getting from one place to another on wheels, but also a way to get to another place financially. Visit us for a vast array of cars and financing options.

Three Things to Remember When Buying a Used Car

Investing in a vehicle is quite the combination of excitement and stress. For many buyers, the stress stems from wanting to find the perfect car that is accommodating to their lifestyle and fits within their budget. The excitement is a result of having independence, a vehicle to call their own, and having something that is complementary to their style and tastes. As you begin to search among used cars for your perfect match, we hope to help you by providing three things to remember along the way.

Have an Open Mind

It can be easy to step onto a dealership and already have an unwavering idea of what you will drive away with. These notions could be based off of your strong style preferences, a firm budget, or a critical need. However, you may find other selections along the way that are a better fit, will provide more benefits, or are simply a better use of your money. Keeping an open mind will enable you to make a decision that is the result of rational thinking.

Bring a Friend

Looking at used cars is certainly something you can do by yourself, but it sure doesn’t hurt to bring someone along. You could consider inviting your friend, a family member, or even a trusted coworker. Having a second opinion may help make your decision a bit easier as you will have additional insight along the way.

Take Your Time

Car-buying is never a process that should be rushed. Each step should be thoroughly thought out and enjoyed. From the minute you begin researching to the moment you finalize financing, take your time and take notes along the way. Doing so will help you avoid making irrational decisions or feeling rushed into buying a car you aren’t totally happy with.

Looking at used cars is something to be excited about! Make your experience effective by going with an open mind, bringing a friend, and taking your time.

How Bad Credit Affects Car Loans

If you have bad credit, it can seem like a daunting task to have to search for financing. Bad credit car loans are different than car loans for people who have a higher credit score, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get financing. The important thing is to understand how bad credit affects your ability to get a car loan, so that you can be prepared when it’s time to approach lenders.

Understand Your Credit Score

Perhaps you’ve been told you have bad credit, but without actually consulting your credit report, you won’t know the specifics. Before you shop for a car loan, get a copy of your credit report so you know your actual credit score. Your score is how lenders judge risk and thus affects the interest rate you’ll be offered. By knowing where you stand, you can make sure you are being offered a rate that corresponds with your particular situation.

Research Interest Rates

That being said, before you apply for a car loan you can research what rates are being offered in your credit score’s bracket. Monthly payments are higher for people whose credit scores are lower. If you know what interest rates you’re most likely to be offered, you can shop as an informed consumer and also have a general idea of what monthly payments you’ll need to budget for.

Aim to Fix Issues or Mistakes

If you spot any mistakes on your credit report, try to get them corrected before you begin applying for car loans. Correcting mistakes can help improve your credit score. Once you secure financing, making your monthly loan payments on time will also help improve your credit rating.

Getting bad credit car loans isn’t impossible, it just takes a bit of knowledge about how your credit will affect your financing. By understanding how your credit score affects a car loan, you’ll be better equipped to find the best deal for your car loan.

Advantages of Prepaid Maintenance Plans

If you’re thinking about getting a used car, you should also think ahead about the maintenance your car will inevitably need, which will probably need to be done sooner than it would with a brand new car. The dealership you buy your car from might offer what’s known as a prepaid maintenance plan. Do yourself and your finances a favor and understand just what you have to gain from such a plan.


Save Money


Prepaid maintenance plans are advantageous for the dealerships that sell used cars as well as those who drive them. Because you’re paying in advance for the maintenance your car will require, you’ll have an easier time structuring your budget. And from a dealership perspective, those used car drivers will come to them for their maintenance rather than anyone else.


Make Your Life Easier


If you live a busy life, having a prepaid maintenance plan makes your life easier because there’s one less task for you to take care of. Even if the dealership doesn’t send you a reminder of when you need to have service done, you can easily hop online and schedule an oil change or what have you at a time that’s convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about taking a risk with an unknown mechanic because you need maintenance ASAP.


Drive Your Car Like You Want To


Maybe you’re someone who likes joyriding around town, but realize that every mile you drive brings you closer to an oil change, which takes the joy out of your ride. With a prepaid maintenance plan, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can afford more frequent oil changes. Just make sure you get those joyrides in before your plan ends.


Be sure you ask about prepaid maintenance plans if you’re in the market for a quality used vehicle. It could be the perfect investment for you and your driving style.

How to Get the Best Auto Loan

You may be in the market for a new car, but realize that you will need a little extra financing to help pay for the vehicle. Trying to figure out which auto loans are the most beneficial for your particular situation can be challenging. Here are some easy ways you can make sure you find a car loan that is best for you.


Do Your Research


If you plan on purchasing a car soon, then you should spend some time researching what kind of loan you will need to have. Unless you plan on paying cash for your car, then you will need to have a car loan or some type of financing to supplement your purchase.


Shop Around


One of the most important things you can do when you are looking for car loans is to expand your search. Try not to just focus on one particular lender. By having several options, you will be able to figure out which lender will offer you the most advantageous deal.


Know Your Credit Score


It is equally important to know your credit score when you are shopping for a car loan. Knowing your credit score can help you determine your eligibility for certain loan offers. If you have a higher score, then you will likely be able to get a better interest rate on car loans. Your credit score is important because it is what lenders use to evaluate whether or not you will be able to make your loan payments on time.


As you can see, these are just a few tips that can make your search for a car loan a little easier. Just remember to take your time finding a car loan. There is no need to rush into the first deal you are offered. This can lead to you getting stuck into a bad car loan deal.

Get the Money You Need to Drive Away Today

Money is what makes the world go around. We need it for food, shelter, and transportation. The latter is where our dealership comes into play, a place of business dedicated to helping you purchase the car or truck of your dreams. Our expert salesmen will guide you through our vast selection of automobiles, honing your sights to the perfect match for your budget and taste. Furthermore, our lenders can help you afford the perfect car by offering a plethora of car loans and loan options, one of which will fit even the toughest of customers with the worst of credit scores.


Credit and lending are hallmarks in the auto industry, and a car loan has let many a would-be-buyer afford vehicles that are integral in their lives. There is not a dealership known to me that doesn’t accept money from a buyer that is funded through a car loan. Not only are they important to the industry, but also to the overall economy, as the vehicles they afford people facilitate their movement between home and work and to the commerce centers that fuel the monetary society that we all live in and enjoy.


Canada is a great place to drive. Vast wilderness and bustling city-centers allure even the most homebody-centric people to the open road. Getting a car loan can the be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You will enjoy the freedom of the open road and the ability to travel here and there as you see fit. There is no better feeling than driving away in a vehicle that makes you grin just sitting in it. At our dealership you’re sure to find the perfect car or truck for your taste. Whether it be a sporty new roadster or a burly four-wheel drive truck, we have what your need. Get yourself a car loan and come on down to our dealership and we are sure not to disappoint.

3 Reasons To Buy a Used Car

No one sets out to buy a vehicle hoping to get a car that’s just decent. You want something that meets your needs and looks good, while having features you enjoy. Often times, these factors cause people to overlook used cars, when a preowned vehicle can actually check all the boxes if you know where to look. Before you buy something brand new, consider these three reasons to shop used.


  1. Less Pressure


People don’t always think clearly under duress. The pressure to buy the perfect vehicle might cause you to give too much value to a certain feature, such as fuel economy, while overlooking something equally important, like safety rating. When shopping for used cars, the reduced price tag usually reduces some of the pressure as well, helping you focus on the things that are most important without becoming overwhelmed.


  1. Certification


Chances are, a new car off the lot will work well. However, new vehicles don’t have a driving history you can look at. Meanwhile, a certified used vehicle offers a proven track record and a clean bill of health signed by a trustworthy mechanic. While the car has been driven previously and maybe has undergone some maintenance, you go into the purchase knowing exactly what work was done and why it was needed. In many ways, preowned cars offer assurance you can’t get from a brand new model.


  1. Cost


If you aren’t exactly sure what kind of car you want, it’s not worth taking on a big loan or spending all your savings. Buying something used will save you money and enable you to figure out what kind of vehicle suits you without breaking the bank.


The most important matter when car shopping is getting a vehicle that works for you and your situation. More often than not, used cars will fit drivers’ needs as well as any other option.

Bad Credit? What to Keep in Mind When Car Shopping

Your credit history follows you everywhere. So, what do you do when you want to buy a car? Are there bad credit car loans that you can rely on? The truth is, no matter what credit situation you are in, it’s stressful to go shopping for a car. When you add in figuring out the best finance option for you, it can get even worse. If you’re stuck with bad credit, here is what you need to consider when purchasing a car.


Interest Rates


Interest rates are usually set higher for those with poor credit. Keep this in mind when shopping for an auto loan. This can be particularly true of banks and other lenders. When coming straight to the dealership, you can sometimes get better deals on interest rates. Don’t be afraid to talk to us directly about your interest rate concerns.




You could utilize a few different lending options. The first is a direct loan. This loan would come from a bank or other institution. They would approve your loan before you shop for a car and then you would find something to fit within the constraints of that loan. At a dealership, we treat these customers as if they are making a cash purchase. It’s not always the best option for those with bad credit, however. At a dealership, we’re more specialized in bad credit financing. To go straight to the dealership is called an indirect loan.




When purchasing a car, keep your budget in mind. While you may receive financing, it’s important to keep careful track of how much you can afford to pay every month. After all, if you can’t make the payments, your credit will suffer more.


Everyone should be able to afford a car, no matter if you have poor or good credit. Luckily there are always options available.